Personnel Profiles

Grant and his brother Mark building roads in the early 1980's

Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. consists of a diverse team of “hands on” individuals whose wealth of experience and education mould the strong foundation needed to operate a successful business.

Grant Chevallier, PEng, Owner/CEO - Grant brings to Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. a Degree in Geomatics Engineering and English from the University of Calgary (1997). After graduating Grant worked overseas in vessel navigation for ocean seismic and fiber optics cable layout prior to starting Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. Grant handles day to day business operations.

Don Chevallier, Business Manager - Don Chevallier comes to Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. with a wealth of business and seismic experience. For 22 years Don owned and operated Chevallier Construction Ltd. When he sold the equipment for retirement, Don began working part time in the industry as a cat push. When Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. was started in 1997, Don acted as a business advisor and helped to manage day-to-day activities. Today Don plays an active role in business decisions and also works as a field supervisor from time to time.

Darcy Murphy, Operations Manager - Darcy has been with Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. ever since it started back in 1997.  He has over 25 years experience in the oilfield and has been Operations Manager since 2012.

Field Supervisors - In addition to the “hands on” approach of the business managers for field supervision, Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. employs other field supervisors who possess strong management skills with a great deal of equipment and industry related experience.

Equipment Operators - Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd.'s operators consist of experienced, well-trained individuals who exhibit a drive to excel and learn new challenges. Operators are GPS trained, experienced with use of the navigation software, and use work practices conducive to promoting safety and environmental sensitivity.

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